Call out for Business Plan Facilitators


 Odd Eyes Theatre nurtures beauty in diversity. We make theatre that tells stories about people standing out from the crowd. We look at the world from different angles and use theatre to share unique point of views with equally unique audiences.

Odd Eyes Theatre promotes communication across cultures. By cultural groups we mean people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds as much as those from different nationalities and ethnic groups. We open dialogue through theatre productions, professional development and community programmes.

The Brief:

Odd Eyes is coming to the end of its current three-year Business Plan, and is looking for a facilitator to guide two sessions with the current Board and Management to develop the plan for the next three years.  The sessions will take place on:

Saturday 8th April, 11am – 4pm

Saturday 22nd April, 10am – 2pm

The ideal candidate will have experience in facilitation / consultancy and be able to structure and guide thinking and planning, facilitate discussion and supply the tools needed for the company to plan positively and proactively for the next three years.

We do not expect the facilitator to write the Business Plan, but we do expect, at the end of the two sessions, to have documented a consensus of thinking that will allow us to write a clear and structured plan ourselves.

We are a small charity, and so this is a voluntary position, although we will, of course, cover travel expenses.

If you are interested, please email [email protected] with your CV and a short covering letter and proposal.


Our Mission

Odd Eyes Theatre is an international and intra-cultural theatre company with charitable status. We create multi-layered productions that play around with visual and verbal communication transposing the ever changing face of individuality, human relationships and cultural values into theatre language.

Our plays tell stories that echo the experience of new, unrepresented audiences and share it with all theatre goers. Odd Eyes Theatre’ participation programmes offer a creative hub to migrants, first generation British and individuals who are moving away from their culture of origin and refuse to categorise themselves allowing them to express their diversity, share beliefs and build skills to assert their role in the social context in which they live.


  • To create exciting theatre that challenges common assumptions and tells stories that aren’t being told
  • To involve second-language residents who have limited access to the arts
  • To reach international audiences with theatre that encourages sharing, dialogue and exchange and that offers new possibilities to society and culture
  • To encourage the circulation of ideas and values across cultures and micro-cultures
  • To enable international exchange of artistic skills
  • To inspire creativity and self-expression
  • To help people build and maintain their identity
  • To make people more resilient

Odd Eyes is a registered charity, in receipt of ACE project funding and supported by the New Diorama Theatre.


+44 (0) 07898 493686