ON THE LINE is the new play created by young people in response to the short #Haters. Two life-long best friends from the same council estate spend a Kardashian-style day at the villa of their wealthy school mate. When a pricey object goes missing, their long friendship is put to the test.

ON THE LINE toured secondary schools, colleges, and youth centres in February 2022 as part of our Creative Debate programmes to spark conversations amongst young people in Year 9 and above about loyalty, betrayal, peer pressure, social identity and social mobility, prompting conversations about their values and preparing them for the difficult choices they face in their personal and academic life.

The programme includes a 55-minute play with a professional cast of two, followed by debate and drama-based activities designed to develop critical skills, social awareness as well as communication competences through debate, story telling and acting.

Thanks to participatory Creative Debate techniques developed from Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed methodologies and functional pedagogy,  young people feel confident to express their point of view during the facilitated debate and willingly engage in drama-based exercises to try out alternative realistic scenario and change the outcome of the original story for the better.

Covid-19 best practice

Odd Eyes Theatre is pleased to continue to offer its fully subsidized school programme of creative engagement despite the many new challenges Covid-19 presents, we are delighted to be able to deliver the programme online or in person, following government’s regulations and school’s requirements.

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I felt like I was there with the actors in the story and really felt their emotions. Even more because they were going through very relatable experiences for me.‘ (Student, Year 10 Parkview Secondary School)

‘”It allowed me to think about some things in more depth” Year 9 @DeptfordGreen  watched a gripping performance of ‘On The Line’ followed by a creative debate exploring identity, friendship, race, choices and social class with @OddEyesTheatre ? @CaiusSchool for making it happen.’ (Celine Nembhard, Careers Coordinator, Deptford Green School)

‘It was really relatable and I loved how creative it was and how we got to discuss and make our own scenes afterwards.’ (Student, Year 9, Clapton Girls Academy)

Very relatable to our school. Got very connected with characters. Got lost in story (GRIPPED) (KANTOR KING SOLOMON HIGH SCHOOL YEAR 10 STUDENT)

The production matched our students really well and a lot of them really connected with it. It was lovely to have some good live theatre in our school! (STOKE NEWINGTON SCHOOL TEACHER)



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