One The Line


What a difference a day makes…

When inner city teenagers Tia and Kai find themselves living it up in their rich schoolmate’s mansion, they think their day can’t get any better… Until a priceless fishing fly mysteriously vanishes, leading to home truths being revealed and friendships stretched to breaking point.

On The Line is a gripping and witty Fish Out Of Water play for today about the strength of childhood bonds and the complexities of aspiration.

Quick paced, funny and harrowing at the same time, this coming-of-age story looks at the complex balance of our loyalties and the struggles to better ourselves whilst keeping true to the values we grew up with.

Emilia Teglia has developed the play from an original idea by Cheyanne Thomson and Emily Johnston, both 17 at the time of writing, in response to #Haters as part of our Creative Debate project.

Like ODD EYES’ previous work, On The Line deals with topical issues of cultural identity and barriers to social mobility, exposing the challenges faced by young people growing up in the current tough political environment.


An in-depth look into wealth, class and the age of Gen-Z. The themes of class division with a flash of police were extremely resonant with the current climate. (Jack Edwards, Programme and events assistant at Richmix, attending Tower Theatre sharing)

‘Congratulations Odd Eyes Theatre on another great show. Your production of On The Line was enjoyable from the fun beginning, dramatic middle, to the heart-warming end. A great story of teenage friendship.’ (Max Batty, audience member Barons Court theatre sharing)



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