Casting opportunity: actor for the role of Sienna in On The Line

Odd Eyes Theatre is currently casting ON THE LINE  a 35 minute short adapted from our stage poduction.

Dates:  7 days between 17 April – 5 May

Location: London

Equity rate fee

Role: Sienna

Playing age: 15 and 17  –  The actress must be over 18 year old. Do not apply if under 18.

Languages: Italian, English

Sienna is a mature 15-year-old with a rebel streak. Daughter of the Italian CEO of an international charity, she has lived her parents’ jet setter’s life moving around continents, houses, and schools. She’s got thousands of TikTok followers but hardly any real-life friend. Antagonising her parents’ classy taste, she is a fan of American rappers like Doja Cat and Cardi B. She wants to be “street” and edgy.  She drinks and smokes pot and projects an air of bold bravery. Behind that, lays her crippling self-consciousness and vulnerability. Despite her best efforts, she’s naif and often out of sync with what goes on around her. This leads her to say and do things out of place, often comedic, sometimes tragic. She’s the wild card of the story.

The film rating is 12+ The role involves one scene of mouth-on-mouth kiss and some revealing clothes. No full nudity of top or bottom. No sex. An intimacy coordinator will be involved in the production.

To apply

Email your showreel to [email protected] by Tuesday 19 March

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an audition on Thursday 21 March


About the film

‘On The Line’ is a Gen-Z coming-of-age story about two cash-strapped friends who skip school to spend a day living it up at their wealthy schoolmate’s villa. The dream comes crashing down when a priceless collectible vanishes, leading to home truths being revealed and their life-long bond stretched to breaking point. Gritty, gripping and witty, ‘On The Line’ is a comedy/drama based on the real experiences of a group of young people from Camden. The story, developed with them and told through candid fly-on-the-wall visuals, uses London slang and references to UK Drill and rap to look at the challenges of negotiating values and aspirations in the current political landscape.

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