Creative Debate #Haters response: Chat to Blood

This film was written by young people (13-15) in response to the short #Haters as part of Odd Eyes Theatre #Haters School and Community project and Hoxton Hall Youth Arts. The film was based on a real incident which involved people from two schools in their areas.

INFORMATION AND BOOKING: #Haters youth and community programme



Inspired by real events


Writers:  Michael India Jada Rameo Samuel Alexandre

Cast: Michael Frankie India Aaliyah Jada Renée Rameo Ezekiel Samuel Jordan Alexandre Kamani

Camera: Nnanna Rameo Mark

Sound: Nnanna Jada India Samuel

Crew: Samuel Jada Alexandre India

Screenplay: Emilia Teglia

Film coach: Mark Morreau

Acting coach: Andre Fyffe 

Film editor Mark Morreau

Thanks to Hoxton Hall Youth Art Team

Produced by Odd Eyes Theatre in partnership with Hoxton Hall Youth Arts

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