Creative Debate #Haters response: “No Shelter”

This short film is the response to the themes of #Haters by young participants (aged 11 to 14) to Hoxton Youth Arts programme, Hackney, London 2019.

The group identified social inequalities as one of the issues affecting Hackney. They agreed that homelessness is a clear and visible sign of social inequalities they all encounter daily. After sharing stories, the group acted and rehearsed them, developing story boards. They directed and recorded the sound. The short was entirely filmed using their phones’ cameras and professional sound recording.



Michael Narrator, Child
Hannah Young Person 1, Passer by 3(scene 4), Child
Cerys Young Person 2, Passer by 4 (scene 4), Passer by 1 (scene 3), Child
Scarlett Young Person 3, Passer by 2 (scene 4), Child
Annabelle Young Person 4, Street cleaner, Child
Mark Homeless man, Child
Deja Homeless woman, Child
Ebrahim Homeless man 2, Child
Annabel Passer by 2 (scene 3), Child
Alexandre Observer, Homeless man 3
Pietro Police Officer, Passer by 1 (scene 4), Homeless person at Centre 1,Child
Kyra Volunteer, Child
Myecha Homeless person at Centre 2, Child
Alex Homeless person at Centre 3, Child
Tamara Child
Nnanna Child

Scrip editor: Emilia Teglia
Film editor: Mark Morreau
AD: Fyin Oyedele

Odd Eyes Theatre team:

Project director: Emilia Teglia
Film coach: Mark Morreau
Assistant trainee: Fiyin Oyedele

Hoxton Youth Arts team:

Grace Hammonds – Creative Learning Co-ordinator
Poppy Kay – Creative Learning Co-ordinator

+44 (0) 07898 493686